Drawing The Curtains On ESMOD KL Jury Week 2023!
Updated 2023-03-02

This year’s ESMOD KL Graduation Fashion Show revolved around the sophisticated theme ‘Le Dénoue’, which represents the end of a story, a knot that ties everything together. Following this, 17 talented fashion designers showcased their collections for judges none other than well-known designers Thomas Vasseur, Melinda Looi, Bon Zainal, Douglas Chew, Daniel Lau and Carven Ong to evaluate. Based on the techniques, skills and concepts behind each intricate detail of every collection, the experts have chosen the winners of the coveted ‘Best Fashion Design’, ‘Best Pattern Making’ and ‘Couture Prize’ awards! Excited to know who won and to take a look at the masterpieces they have created? Stay tuned to find out! We congratulate all graduates and hope to see these trendsetters thrive in the fashion world!