Process Behind Creating Captivating Graphics
Updated 2022-12-28

The One Academy’s School of Digital Media Design held an engaging event that brought students from different batches together to participate in fun activities. Monocon 2022 also played host to many renowned experts who shared their journey working in the digital media industry. The One Academy’s alumnus, Jim Chuah, better known as the founder and director of FNL PRJCT, a multidisciplinary independent studio, shared his experience running an advertising agency. He shared the behind the scenes of his agency’s biggest and toughest projects. Though their projects take several trials and errors to gain approval from the client, by the end of all their projects Jim Chuah and his team are able to bring the project to life, ensuring its quality while meeting the deadline. He advised the students to always remember that failure is a process, not a result and to trust the process.