An Inside Look at the Mythical Tale of Hello! Tapir
Updated 2022-05-25

The Hello! Tapir Web Meet & Sharing Session was organised by the School of Illustration. Featuring the film’s director, Kethsvin Chee, and our own Illustration lecturer, Tan Kok Loon who was the storyboard artist, shared on how the film came to shape. Hello! Tapir tells the adventure of an 8-year-old boy who sets off in search of the mythical creature that is believed to devour people’s nightmares while they sleep, in hopes of finding his missing father. The sharing was an eye-opener which gave students insights on what goes into the filmmaking process. Kok Loon also shared on the storyboarding process and the skillset that all artists should have to effectively put what they see in their minds onto the canvas. “You have to believe in yourself, believe in your story and search for the people who believe in you,” said Kethsvin on the role as a director.