Getting In On the Games Industry with Yiwei & Rachel
Updated 2022-05-19

The School of Illustration recently invited our alumni from local award-winning indie games studio, Kurechii, to share on the studio’s journey, provide insights into the game art industry, as well as game art production to students. P’ng Yiwei, who is the founder and director of Kurechii, shared on the studio’s achievements since its establishment in 2009, how he manages the team and projects, his role as the team’s supporter, facets of the industry such as AAA vs. indie games, and the studio’s future goals. Kurechii’s Game Artist Rachel Ho shared her personal experience and gave valuable advice on how to choose between industries, the pros and cons of freelancing, working for a small studio or a big company, as well as how to manage criticism, art block and burnout. “If you really want to get into the games industry, don’t limit yourself to just being an artist. Incorporate your sense of storytelling, user interface and gameplay into your art as well,” imparted Yiwei.