The Art of Storytelling with Rosana Sullivan
Updated 2022-03-03

One of the six invited speakers of the Virtual International Design & Creative Masterclass, Rosana “Rosie” Sullivan is a Story Artist at Pixar Animation Studios, USA. Having worked there for over a decade, she is known for her work for The Good Dinosaur, Onward, Monsters University, Soul and more. She also wears multiple hats as a writer, director and executive producer. During her session, she shared the process of coming up with a storyboard, scripting, pitching, tools that a story artist should learn and important elements of storytelling. An inspiring sharing filled with interesting personal anecdotes and valuable advice, Rosie was showered with much appreciation from the audience. “The power of storytelling is that even if the whole world doesn’t get what you’re trying to say, if there’s one person out there that you’ve touched, then you’ve changed a life. That is why stories matter and that’s why your stories matter.”