From Graphic Design to Leathercraft, Anything’s Possible
Updated 2020-11-19

From being a dreamer to making it happen, Zi Xian’s story is set to inspire and encourage those who are uncertain about pursuing their dreams. The 25-year-old alumnus of Advertising & Graphic Design is now as a leather craftsman and co-founder of Malaysian leather goods brand TYDE, offering bespoke service to clients like Maserati, Lexus, OPPO, Tudor, Gamuda Land, The Balvenie and Samsung. Never one to take studying seriously when he was younger, he came to realise the importance of a good education and subsequently enrolled at TOA where he discovered a whole new world of art & design. It was during a research for his final project that he discovered about the wonders of working with leather. His interest in it grew and soon it became a hobby that led to a career. “Concentrating on perfecting just one thing in a lifetime is enough” is his life’s motto.