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International Collaboration

We pursue strong industry network and partnerships with top corporations to provide the best realistic industry experience to our valuable students."

In our collaboration, you will meet countless opportunities to be involved in real-life projects and events, and establish strong links and interaction with world-class brand leaders and trendsetters. We welcome mutually beneficial cooperation with companies and organisations.

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Industry Collaboration and Partnerships

Experience the true meeting of minds and participate in The One Academy's series of dialogues with iconic legends from the creative and corporate fields, so that you can have meaningful discussions with the world's best in each field: To master the best, you need to learn from the masters.

Lucasfilm Animation Singapore Seeks World-Class Animation Talents at The One Academy
A delegation from Lucasfilm visits The One Academy - twice in six months - to hunt for world-class animation talents, stirring up a storm of excitement among animation fans.

DreamWorks Animation Inspires Students & Scouts for Talents
The One Academy welcomed the visit by DreamWorks Animation led by Head of International Outreach Shelly Page to scout for talents. A screening of a short animation titled "Eye Candy" was also held for the students, on top of 20 award-winning short films as well as exceptional graduates' films from leading animation schools around the world.

Gaining Exposure on Accessories with Top-Notch French Designer
French fashion accessory designer Clothilde Dupont spoke to ESMOD Kuala Lumpur students in a workshop on the creative process of accessory design and strategies to start a fashion label. She taught students to seek inspiration in the history of art & fashion, and encouraged students to conduct as much of research as possible. Besides, she also demonstrated the ways to plan for designs using mood board.

Pixar Experts Enlightened Students with Splendid Artistry!
Held for the first time in the Asia Pacific, aspiring animators from The One Academy received precious guidance on animation and entertainment art from 3 top-notch masters, namely current Head of story in Pixar Animation Studio, Matthew Luhn, Production Designer and Character Designer Ricky Nierva, as well as Animation Director Andrew Gordon in their learning sessions with Pixar Experts. Sharing the best from their experience, these 3 brilliant Pixar experts had certainly equipped students with the essential tools to conquer the world animation market.

Students Headhunted by International Video Game Publisher & Developer Ubisoft
In line with Ubisoft's expansion in Asia, the world's leading publisher of interactive entertainment games made a visit to The One Academy to seek potential graduating students, and invite them to join its studio in Singapore. Proudly hosted by The One Academy, the 'Art in Video Games'. - Ubisoft Singapore Art Exhibit opened to the public in Malaysia soon after its Singapore debut. Showcasing 40 pieces of marvellous concept artworks created for 2 renowned games, the prestigious AAA game Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag and the Ghost Recon Online, the event was graced by Managing Director of Ubisoft Singapore, Olivier de Rotalier, as well as The One Academy alumni JC Wong and Kobe Sek who are now with Ubisoft.

Insightful Sharing by International Interior Design Experts
IDCon, an international forum on Interior Design was held with aim of creating a platform for worldwide experts to exchange ideas. Featured in the forum were New York-based Karim Rashid, Chris Bosses from Sydney, as well as renowned Thai Interior Designers Pongthep Sagulku from Bangkok and Chiangmai-based Tul Lekutai, who shared invaluable insights on transforming our living space!

Top-Notch Lecture & Workshop with Walt Disney & Weta Experts
Aspiring artist were taught the savvy Hollywood artistry in the Lecture & Workshop by Walt Disney & Weta Experts in Film Production & Concept Art. Walt Disney Visual Development Artist Armand Serrano elaborated in-depth on design philosophies, art direction and styles, while Eduardo Peña imparting knowledge from his experience as a talented Concept Artist with Weta Digital, where worked alongside Oscar-winning film director Peter Jackson to contribute awe-inspiring concept art masterpieces for blockbusters such as The Hobbit trilogy.

Learning the Best at Global Digital Marketing Seminar
Together with EPICA Awards Jury Coordinator Mark Tungate (UK), Creative Director of Achtung! Mervyn Tendam (The Netherlands), Digital Marketing Consultant Gamze Gurbuzatik (Turkey) and President of Best Marketing International Hando Sinisalu (Estonia) in 'The Best of Global Digital Marketing' seminar, The One Academy students gained insightful knowledge through the case studies of famous international brands. There were video clips of commercials and brand campaigns for students to pick up the tools of the trade.

Swiss Design in Hollywood World Tour Exhibition & Seminar
The One Academy and The Swiss Embassy collaborated to launch the Swiss Design in Hollywood and provided a golden opportunity to Malaysians from every corner of the industry to discover and learn the works by renowned Swiss designers, elevating creativity to greater heights.

Shawn Kelly - Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) Lead Animator Invited by The One Academy to Deliver Animation Insights at 3D Animation Lecture Series
Through 3D Animation Lecture Series, The One Academy once again presented a world-class opportunity to aspiring animators to learn from the animation expert Shawn Kelly, and discover more about the making of Transformers movie with its amazing visual effects that revealed the intricate works of bringing digital art to life.

Professional Animator from International Pixar Studios Shares Inspiration to Aspiring Designers in Storytelling through Animation
Professional animator Carlos Baena of Pixar Animation Studios visited The One Academy for the first time at the advanced seminar to empower participants on the pre-proudction of film and entertainment through creative animation and digital arts. Carlos Baena is an award winner of 2007 Annie Award for Best Character Animation, and is the professional animator for The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Toy Story 3 and Cars.

World Class International Professional Storyboard Artist Empowers THE ONE ACADEMY Students with Animation Works
International storyboard artist and animation Javier Secaduras arrived at The One Academy to share his 15 years of professional insight on the essence of storyboarding in the entertainment art industry.

Renowned Pixar Animators Invited to Unleash World Class Learning
In order to fulfill the demand of the expanding digital animation industry, The One Academy hosted the International 3D Animation Seminars, bringing the students and local animators to the rise of animation industry by inviting over world renowned animation experts, Kyle Balda and Phat Phuong to share the current trends in global animation industry.

Asia's Renowned Master Illustrator Unleashes Mastery on Storm Warriors
Internationally renowned illustrator and Managing Director of The One Academy Penang Leong Hoy Yoke was invited to work for Storm Warriors movie, once again proving his credibility and outstanding talent in the international arena.

Nine International Animation Experts Invited to Share Insights at the Pixar Toy Story 3 Lecture Series
Nine amazing international animation specialists from world's leading animation studio Pixar were invited to speak at The One Academy's world class prestigious lectures. In nurturing the future generations of creative talents, The One Academy has presented another opportunity for local aspiring animators to learn from the masters.

Characterisation Experts Conduct Story-telling & Narrative Seminar & Workshop
Two creative professionals from leading French animation establishment - Gobelins, i.e. Peter Saisselin, Story Editor & Senior Writer for Hollywood films, popular TV series and animation films, as well as Myrna Gawryn, a professional choreographer and expert in film, theater, TV and animation performance, conducted inspiring sessions on characterisation and character performance to aspiring digital animation students.