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The One Academy is an MQA-accredited college with MSC-status, carrying formal affiliations with reputable design universities and colleges worldwide. Our 'Masters Train Masters' teaching philosophy that provides 'Just World Class Results' has enabled students to experience heightened evolution in concept development and creativity.

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The Government of China through the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia has recognised The One Academy as a tertiary institution that has registered with the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, and is an independent legal entity with healthy credit standing, thus fulfilling the criteria to recruit students from China. It has also acknowledged that all the courses taught in The One Academy are fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) under the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Recognised by China Embassy

The One Academy is all about being career & result oriented with students’ award-winning works & graduates’ career success on local and international levels while reflecting the academy’s true ability in delivering the real outcome - YOUR achievement!

The One Academy is recognised and highly recommended by the professional industries. Today, our students have joined renowned international & local companies to serve the creative art & design industries with their professional skills.

The One Academy leads by working closely with international universities through formal affiliations to ensure a promising future of international quality.

To maintain the rising creative & digital industry, The One Academy continues to host international masterclasses & talk series by world’s best professionals: To be the best, you need to learn from the masters.

The One Academy provides international industry-standard facilities so that students can experience and explore the variety of state-of-the-art-media, properties, techniques and surfaces to develop their skills.

The One Academy believes that an ideal learning location should come with good infrastructure, wide amenities & conveniences and a reference hub strategically surrounded by a balance of tranquility and thriving creativity.