Education Recognition | The One Academy

Ali Mohamed International Creative Advertising Pioneer

"Our training is practical and efficient as proven by public acknowledgements given to the academy by leading creative directors from international advertising agencies. In addition, our graduates have commendable business acumen. The endless list of alumni and student success stories speaks for itself. I believe we will motivate, lead and inspire the creative community into achieving greater heights."

Tatsun Hoi Managing Director & Principal, The One Academy Asia’s Renowned Leader in Professional Creativity & Education

  • Honorary President, Young Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia
  • Recipient of The Young Chinese Entrepreneur Award, Hong Kong
  • Recipient of The Outstanding Young Malaysian Award (Junior Chamber International, Malaysia)

"The One Academy is, among others, a culmination of guidance from top creative gurus, world-class academic standards, key collaborations and strong industry working relationships. As a leading educationalist in creative communication and design, our unending commitment in steering our past two decades of creative education branding success towards the industry-oriented training of our students will see the future anticipating their presence as the next rising pool of pioneers in the creative frontier and creative players in the international scene."